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Semi-Structured Interviews

Planned and conducted semi-structured interviews, followed by analysis and presentation of information derived from these interviews.

Human-Agent Teaming on Intelligence Tasks

I was one of several research team-members who:

  • iterated to create our interview protocol

  • scheduled and conducted semi-structured interviews virtually with participants

  • demonstrated platform use

  • adjusted interview protocol as necessary

  • analyzed and presented our findings

  • incorporated our analysis into our future work

These interviews were conducted with current and retired intelligence analysts. The purpose was to determine user needs for our in-development platform, and to identify appropriate directions and focus for our research scenario.

The information derived from these interviews helped to inform our qualtiative analysis moving forward. It was also instrumental in making changes to our platform development and to our worldbuilding in support of our scenario.

In follow-on research, I conducted usability testing with these and additional participants using the platform and scenario that were developed from these interviews.

Program Review

In support of a program review focused on return on investment for a training and development program, I conducted semi-structured interviews with senior leadership within a large (10,000+) organization. These interviews were conducted either virtually or in-person. To complete this research I:

  • researched content and interviewee background to identify appropriate areas for research

  • developed protocols for the interviews and adjusted as appropriate for time and relevance at the senior executive level.

  • adjusted interviews as necessary, both on-the-fly, and in response to my own post-interview review

  • scheduled and conducted both virtual and in-person interviews with selected senior executives

  • analyzed and presented information, further incorporating it into the larger program review

Focus Groups

I have facilitated many focus groups. To complete these, I:

  • developed (on my own and/or with others) interview protocol

  • scheduled and conducted virtual, in-person, and co-located focus group sessions

  • served as the external group facilitator, including directing questions, ensuring we stayed related to the task, maintaining participant anonymity, creating an environment for comfortable sharing, ensuring all participants were included, and following-up post-session on deep-dive questions/comments

  • summarized information and presented to senior leadership and to the focus groups themselves

  • identified problems, suggested solutions, and identified the owner re: accountability.


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