Professional Development

Conferences and Seminars Attended

Ro-Man 2020

CHI - Play 2020

AI and the Future of Work Conference 2020

Social Robotics Conference 2020

Technology, Mind, and Society 2020

SXSW 2021

IUI 2021

Various HCIL discussions

Various HAI discussions

Skills Improved


Critical reading;

Literature reviewing;

Python; PyTorch;

Presentation - especially visual

Focus for next year

Brush up on/move forward in quantitative research methods as related to proposed integrative paper;

Continue to develop R/Python skills;

Continue to try out new software that can be helpful for research/productivity;

Get a stronger foundation in philosophy?;

Writing for research;

CWCS conference;

CHI conference;

Technology, Mind, and Society conference;

Perhaps SIOP or APA - depending on themes, etc;

Academic and University Service

Reviewed papers for:

IEEE Vis 2021

Creativity and Cognition 2021

Conducted mock interviews for students in INST 490 - Fall 2020

Moderated iSchool PhD Professional Development Session - Government and Non-Profit 04.09.2021

Volunteered on the communications committee for the Disability Conference

Moderator for HCAI Google Group


About my work style